About Sidney Ho Cuisines

Sidney Ho – Founder and Head Chef

Sidney Ho, the Founder, Head Chef and Managing Director of Sidney Ho Cuisines will celebrate 30 years at the Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club in July 2017.

He has operated the Palm Court Bistro, the Golden Hawk Chinese Restaurant and the Heritage Function Centre at this famous Sydney leagues club since 1987.



10 Million Quality Meals

In this time, Sidney and his team of over 50 staff have served over a million customers and 10 million meals, a magnificent achievement. With distinction, Sidney and his team having the reputation for delivering high quality meals consistently every day, every week, year after year for 3 decades!

Sidney Ho Cuisines just might have the best value, quality steaks in Sydney, all MSA – Meat standards Australia graded.



Job Creation and Teamwork

Sidney Ho and his senior management have always had a great relationship with all of their personnel and most of them continue to work for Sidney for life.

Sidney Ho has achieved a unique mutual trust and gratefulness between his management and staff, with countless migrants forging a new start in Australia. Sidney Ho has sponsored and supported many of chefs, kitchen hands, waiters and general helpers in his 30 years in New South Wales.

The Golden Hawk is the Ryde district’s standout  fine dining, authentic Chinese and Yum Cha restaurant with it’s live Seafood and signature dishes like Peking Duck, Sizzling Mongolian Lamb, Japanese Style Beef Cubes in Wasabi Sauce and Mud Crab with Bean Vermicelli and Minced Pork in Hot Pot.


In the Ryde District 

The Palm Court Bistro’s popularity is due to a wide range of international cuisines and top value.

The Heritage Function Centre houses up to 300 people with menus ranging from a 12 course Chinese banquet, Buffet, Cocktail Menu, for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and celebration of life, business conferences, product launches and charity events.




In Sydney’s West

In 2005, Sidney Ho Cuisines opened  has  “Cafe on the Green” located at Club Merrylands, Sidney Ho Cuisines specialty is Wood-fired Pizza.

In Guildford, Sidney Ho Cuisines offers an unbelievably low priced Bistro and Cafe menu with Asian and Western dishes, Alfresco dining area and kids play area at the Guildford Bowling Club.