In the community

Sidney Ho Cuisines’ choice of giving back to the community in 2017 has taken the form of sponsoring Ryde’s junior football clubs.

By supporting our youth, we wish to see Rugby League prosper as a sport and do our part to keeping kids active and outdoors.

For the full 2017 competition, Sidney Ho Cuisines, through the Golden Hawk Chinese Restaurant is sponsoring the Ryde Eastwood Hawkes and two junior clubs with a weekly Man of the Match award, an investment of $5000 plus in youth development.



  1. The Ryde Eastwood Hawkes 19s combined Team – a $100 voucher to the Golden Hawk Restaurant
  2. The North Ryde Hawkes 17s and 15s – $60 vouchers to the Golden Hawk Restaurant
  3. The Carlingford Cougars 17s, 15s and 14s – $60, $40 and $40 vouchers to the Golden Hawk Restaurant plus a $100 for the Cougars Comedy Night at Ryde Eastwood Leagues on  June 24




The Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club , is the main sponsor of junior  football in the Ryde district.